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Christopher Shaun Mills


Houston, TX




Gainesville, FL


G.E.D Some College


Art,Video Games,Coding, Movies, TV

About Me

A passion for the arts, not so much fine art or modern art but that gray area in between, the digital arts. Designing ads, apparel, custom pieces or anything else is my greatest joy and using digital tools is my craft. With my first computer purchased, I started learning Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and since computers have been my tool of choice. I enjoy personal conversations and brainstorming as a group or one-on-one, usually sketching the ideas on paper before going digital. In the end, nothing beats a good pencil and some graph paper. Spending a few years in hospitality has given me a sincere appreciation for just talking with people and helping as a host, not as an employee. I have been a part of a group of artists for well over a year and have learned to take criticism effectively. Being a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for the last 14 years while also employed full-time in a separate field takes a lot of time. I would like to merge these two things and do what I love as my career. In grade school I won every art contest I entered except for one. The Art Olympics in North Carolina, and even then I still placed second among thirteen other schools I when was only twelve years old. By refocusing my time I hope to reach a level of accomplishment now, akin to what I was able to do then.

Spending many years in hospitality has given me a sincere appreciation for just talking with people and helping as a host, not as an employee.

Chris Mills

My Skills

Knowledge of nearly all Adobe products and Mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator. Working knowledge of HTML/CSS, Javascript and jQuery. Working knowledge of Cinema4D for 3D typography as well with basic modeling along with working knowledge of various video editing softwares such as Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro. I am quick to adapt to all software and hardware so that I can incorporate it into my tool set.






CLIP Studio Paint Pro

curriculum vitae



Drury University of Cabool

2 Semesters

August 2000 - August 2001

Dropped out due to family issues. Continuing my education is in my five year plan starting on year three.

General Education Diploma

Ava A.B.E

6 months

June 12 1999

Deciding the education I was receiving at Mountain Grove High School was not enough, I decided to approach my education differently.


Work Experience

Front Desk GSR

Hampton Inn and Suites Down-town Gainesville, FL

2 Years

December 2012 - Present

Excelled at Customer Service and Personability, delegated tasks to Housepersons, Maintenance and Valet. Used my design experience to make forms more readable and pleasing to the eye while saving nearly 26% printer toner. The use of Century Gothic as well as lighter shade of gray made forms much more readable than just stark black and white, saving ink and even made employees look forward to using the new forms. Designed 2'x 2' puzzle piece for a General Managers conference that was used in the World's Largest Puzzle. Experience from previous hotel position was included and enhanced further in my career with the Hampton Inn & Suites while other interests included learning about key locations from guests that frequented our establishment and making directions hand-outs for the most efficient path to take. My favorite events there included Fest (World's Largest Punk Rock Music Festival) and the Art Festivals. The Art Festivals were always held in front of our hotel and while our rates were a bit higher, the "serious" artists stayed at our hotel and I took opportunities to speak with like minded individuals and just may have my own booth this next year.

Front Desk GSR/Night Audit

Hampton Inn in Perry, FL

4 Years

May 2008 - August 2012

The start of my hotel career. This gave me incredible customer service skills at my disposal and helped me learn how customers want to be treated and all while doing this at the number one Hampton Inn in the world for nine years running, up until it's acquisition by Hotel Perry LLC. Employed for evening shifts for the beginning and then quickly transitioned to Night Auditor in which tasks of interest were carried over with additions including tax audit information packets, light accounting and security. Shortly thereafter, I was instructed on using the M3 Accounting Software and proceeded to use my design experience from previous employer to write the book on Night Audit. I believe my packet is still used to this day in training new employees and as a refresher. On top of all of that I even made breakfast for all of the guests that following morning. Awarded Employee of the Month 12 times in my 4 years there.

Graphic Designer/Light Clerical

Perry Connections LLC. Perry, FL

2 Years

January 2006 - May 2008

First professional graphic design position and this was what set me solid on my path to wanting a career in graphic design. Learned much about how the professional environment works and how to collect information to produce a quality product. There are five things to always consider when making any sort of media: Who, What, When, Where and Why. These rules are typically used for written media but apply equally to graphic design in which knowing who your demographic is, what they need and why are you the one to give them what they want. My employer taught me how to make functional designs and relied on me to make them appealing to the viewer. Clocked in early, clocked out late and enjoyed designing flyers, business cards, direct mailers (which had a 5% return on 2000 pieces generating $22,500 in business for services offered). Included designs were work van vinyl and various letterheads and forms and I even managed to get approval for an 80/20 direct mailer ad for DISH Network on my first try without revisions. Other tasks of interest were Sales for Direct TV, DISH Network and Computer Parts. Included in those tasks were creating and filing work orders for services, computer repair and graphic design consultation with local businesses under the Perry Connections umbrella, though not officially a service offered there. The experience gained from this position gave me the confidence to approach new unfamiliar territory to reach my goals.

Client Testimonials


Here are just a few companies that have used my designs!


Such Amaterasu
Such Amaterasu

Okami Amaterasu and Internet Meme "Doge" combined into a beautiful Japanese nippon styling. Inspired also by Jimiyo's shirt design "Wolf". You can find this design at: NeatoShop

Homewood Suites Grand Opening Lobby Sign
Homewood Suites Grand Opening Lobby Sign

Signage produced officially for Hilton Incorporated to be used in the lobby of their newly renovated properties. This one was for the Homewood Suites brand.

Engleoff Empire
Engleoff Empire

Jack Engeloff wanted his initials to be a part of the design. With his Greek background it worked to my advantage to include the Centurion in the design as well.

Vida Pearl Entertainment
Vida Pearl Entertainment

Comedian and Entertainer Kenneth Johnson requested a logo but had no idea what he wanted it to be. I watched one of his shows and knew EXACTLY what it needed to be.

William's Taxi
William's Taxi

I frequented this cab service for the longest time and one day they helped me out in an emergency. I wanted to say thank you and did this pro-bono.

Epic Win Games
Epic Win Games

I am a sucker for video games, they've been a huge part of my life and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of anything gaming related.

IS Cleaning Services
IS Cleaning Services

Long time friend of mine started a cleaning service in Orlando and Kissimmee Florida area and wanted a "clean" (no pun intended) and professional look for their business identity.


One of my designs based off the well established "Evolution" image mixed with Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy because WE ARE GROOT! You can get this design at NeatoShop

Kaiju Rubiido
Kaiju Rubiido

Video games and giant monsters go hand in hand. This design was heavily influenced by Godzilla and referenced my favorite giant monster from Final Fantasy VII. You can get this design at: NeatoShop


If you like what you see and want to hire me, send me a message and let's talk. I am available 9AM - 5PM 7 Days a week. Seriously, message me with any questions you have.

3301 SW 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone: 850-295-0047